Dragon's Lair Comic

An epic comic app
made for iPad and iPhone.

Your Quest Awaits

The adventure begins again! Fans of all ages can take a new
journey with the Dragon's Lair comic series. 

Rapid Browsing

Quickly jump to any page of
the comic to easily pick up the
story where you left off.

Retina Graphics

The work of Don Bluth comes to life in front of your eyes.
Dragon's Lair is retina ready for your iPad 3 or iPhone 4S,
so that you can enjoy the adventures of Dirk the Daring
like never before.

Embedded Video

View video extras that feature
trailers for Dragon's Lair and more
games by Don Bluth: Dragon's
Lair Time Warp and Space Ace.

Super Zoom

Dirk is ready for his close up. Double
tap or pinch to Zoom on each page to
see Dragon's Lair in detail up to 4x.

"This is awesome, this Don Bluth stuff is as good as it gets ... I can't believe
this first issue is free..Apps look AMAZING on my iPad 3. Very highly recommended."

In-App Purchases

With in-app purchases, there are more
adventures to come. Follow Dirk the
Daring through all six episodes of his
quest to save Daphne.